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Goldilocks Handbook 330 Website Usability Factors

Won’t you please step into my office and make yourselves comfortable?

My name is Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks. Don’t let the name fool you for one minute!

You don’t look very happy at all, actually you seem very frustrated!

Hopefully by the time you leave my office you will have a smile on your face and a plan for making your life easier and more productive.  Not to mention putting more bucks in your pocket.

How does that sound to you?

Great, let’s see what is bothering you…

Most of the people who visit me have one or more difficulties with their Websites.

Am I on the right track where you are concerned?

Oh! Yes Goldilocks

It is my experience that Website issues fall into one of three different buckets…

  • Building your Website from scratch and have no idea whether you are on the right track and need a road map to follow because you feel that you could get lost along the way…
  • Editing an existing site that just needs to be tweaked a little here or there and will be looking for some useful tips and strategies not considered until now.

In addition, you are not sure if the Search engines out there know that you have great information to share with your visitors and you don’t believe that you are getting enough traffic to your Website.

You have heard about “SEO” but have no idea what it means or what to do with it…

Or maybe your Website needs a major overhaul and you are seriously considering dumping your disastrous/nonfunctioning site into the virtual garbage pail!

You hit the nail on the head, Goldilocks, my Website is a pile of junk!

And my buddy’s site needs some of that SEO stuff.

Wait now! Don’t trash what you have built, it is possible that several parts and pieces may just need refreshing and yes, there will be elements where the best place for them is in your recycle bin.

So where do we start trying to salvage this mess?

Here is a quote from one of my clients that really sums it up…

“You can’t know where to go until you know where you are now”

Ron Smith, Sales Manager | Wagner Meters, Rogue River, Oregon

What this means is that most sites like yours need to have a Website Usability Audit which will show you the components that are working well and the stuff that just won’t cut it and need to be trashed.

Would you like to see some Audit Solutions that Goldilocks and her three bears have cooked up for you?

You are nodding, so just click that button right there on my screen and away we go.  My guru bears are waiting to see you…

Now for your buddy, for those of you who want to understand what this SEO stuff is and how to get some for your site…

Just click this button and be transported into SEO land and Goldilocks will meet you there.

Ah, you are back from your visit and are looking so happy and anxious to start your site audit and get a bowl of that juicy SEO stuff.

Here is what it is like to partner with Goldilocks…

Her goal is to help you promote and publicize your company on and off-line, to attract prospective buyers and nurture your tried and true customers. She will treat your business as if it were her own and will give you 110% of herself to maximize your Website potential, and work with you to promote your product/service credibility.

When you come back to visit me and my bears, we will show you some more goodies to help you enhance your Web presence.

Here’s a hint it has to do with

Email Nurturing and the use of Case Studies

Wow! Goldilocks, we want a preview of what to expect next.

Come on Goldilocks…

You are as impatient as my bears, here is a link to both of these portals.

Before you leave, why not take a moment and fill out my…

Contact Form so that I may be in touch with you and spend time getting to know more about you and the business challenges you face on a daily basis.

Thanks so much for stopping by and my three bears will be anxious to see you when you come back to visit.

They are waving “bye, bye.”

Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business