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My Transition from Accountant to Business Copywriter & Website Content Editor

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My name is Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks and you can bet that I “really do mean business.” Goldilocks brings over 30 years experience as an Accountant and Financial Advisor to the table having worked with clients in retail, wholesale, professional services, manufacturing, and food service related small businesses.

The transition into Copywriting and Marketing Consulting was an obvious choice because of her full understanding of how your business functions, the decision making process and who signs on the dotted line, etc. Furthermore, she is fully aware of the challenges, the needs and the interests of your company personnel from the forklift driver to all the boys in the penthouse.

She will tell you that her writing is “business conversational” and when crafting your marketing materials she pictures herself standing around the water cooler enjoying a cool drink while conversing with your colleagues and a potential buyer perhaps.

Her training as a Copywriter included the expertise of some of the best well known master copywriters in the business such as Bob Bly, Steve Slaunwhite, Nick Usborne, Ed Gandia and Clayton Makepeace, etc. Her SEO certification came from heather Lloyd Martin, the pioneer of this specialized writing genre.

In this business especially, education is an ongoing process. And so with that in mind she continues to absorb new knowledge every day by reading Newsletters from the aforementioned master copywriters. Goldilocks is always searching for new Webinars and other instructional materials to stay on top of the ever changing marketplace.

Goldilocks looks for new ways to service her clients, and to that end, now she is offering a complete Website Usability Auditing Service to her clients. Looking at so many Websites on the Internet, she found that their content was poorly written, there was no clear path for visitors to follow when moving through the pages of their sites and realized that their Google page ranking was nonexistent.

To perform a Goldilocks Website Audit over 330 different Usability Factors are taken into consideration with the end result to make sure that your site is user-friendly and shows improved search engine ranking.

In addition, she assures us that her three guru bears, have been trained to analyze the word structure on your Website to make sure that all your messages are getting through loud and clear.

Would you like to see the Audit Options that my bears have cooked up for you?

Click gently on the button below so that you don’t startle them because their growls are quite loud, not to mention their manicured claws and new pearly whites!

One more thing before you leave, Goldilocks has written a full length Website Usability Handbook that walks you through all the steps to create and edit your Website. She gives you lots of examples to help you along the way.

Not to mention the inclusion of two FREE Bonuses.

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Goldilocks is the author of 330 Website Usability Factors: Guidelines for a more User-friendly and Content Rich Website

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