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When building Websites, Call-To-Action buttons are often neglected. Companies sometimes don’t realize exactly what makes a good one beyond being attractive and fitting into their overall design. But these buttons are too important to be placed without some kind of understanding of what makes them effective. After all, the main point of a Call-To-Action button is to get your visitors to do something.

It’s important to gain at least some knowledge of how color, scale, language, and other factors influence the conversion rate of these buttons. The concepts here aren’t complicated, but they do take a bit of forethought and planning to create the most productive Call-To-Action buttons possible within a given design.

Purpose of “Call-To-Action” Buttons

These buttons can serve a variety of functions. After all, “Call-To-Action” is really a bit vague. All it means is that its main purpose is to get your visitors to take a specific action. That action could be…

  • Adding a product to your prospective buyer’s shopping cart…
  • Downloading a White Paper, special report and E-Book, etc.
  • Requesting information
  • Or just about anything else

These special buttons have such varied purposes, a lot of consideration has to go into…

  • What action you want your visitor to take
  • The type of Website you have
  • The target audience you are trying to reach

These factors can all play a role in how to best design a Call-To-Action button.

Next Goldilocks will take a closer look at different types of Call-To-Action buttons and why each of them is important!

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Types of “Call-To-Action” Buttons

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