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Characteristics of Call-To-Action Buttons - Size and Color Matter!

Using “Negative Space” Effectively

You want your buttons to stand out from the surrounding content and really command the attention of your site visitors. To that end, you need to make use of “negative space” (white space, empty space) around those buttons. Incorporate blank space between your content and your Call-To-Action button.

It’s advisable to balance the amount of negative space you have around the buttons with their size. Proportion is important, you want your button, the space around it, and the surrounding content to look like they fit together, even with disparities in size. You may have to fiddle around with things a bit in order to get them looking just right.

Some Important Takeaways:

  • Make sure there’s enough space around your button so that it doesn’t feel cluttered
  • Negative space gives your buttons room to stand out among your other content and sets it apart

Size and Color

How large your Call-To-Action buttons are is very important!  …

  • One that’s too large will overpower everything around it
  • Another that’s too small will get lost in the shuffle within all the other content on your Web Page. You want your button to be large enough to stand out without overwhelming the design.

For large buttons, choose a color that’s less prominent within your design (but still stands out against the background). For a smaller button, you may want to choose a brighter, contrasting color to really make the button pop. In either case, make sure that the one you select sets the button apart without clashing with your site’s overall design.

Some Important Takeaways:

  • Your Call-To-Action buttons should ideally be the largest buttons on a given page
  • Use contrasting colors to make larger buttons stand out more
  • Use less distinct colors to make oversized buttons fit in better
  • Your buttons need to command attention without overwhelming your design

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