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Does the Home Page Headline Clearly Communicate Your Site’s Underlying Value Proposition?

When first-time visitors arrive at your site, they have a purpose in mind. They are looking for something. The job of your principal headline is to communicate quickly and clearly the primary value proposition of your site. That is to say, you need to let people know what your site is about, and why it is better than all the competing sites that offer similar products or services. This is a tough job at the best of times. But it gets harder when you burden your headline with extra duties.

So stay focused. Understand what information you need to provide for your visitors. Communicate your promise and value quickly and clearly.

Is there some unique aspect to your own company you could use as a point of differentiation?

Are you using short introductory text to clarify and expand on the main headline?

Not every value proposition can be communicated completely in ten words or less. You may be able to get close. But if you have a business that offers a number of different product or service categories, you are better off keeping your headline simple, and then using some short introductory text to expand on your message and clarify the most important points.

Place this text directly beneath your headline, so there is a natural flow from one to the other. Don’t make your readers have to search for this clarifying copy. In other words, be aware of the eye-path of your readers. If you want someone to read a block of text immediately after reading your headline, place it within the same column, with the same margins, one following directly after the other.

Goldilocks knows the importance of getting your page headlines read and not ignored because they just don’t make visitors enthusiastic about reading that given page.

So, she has put together a PDF for you giving you formulas and examples of the most widely successful options.

Seven Headline Formulas and Examples

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