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Lead Generation-Client/Customer Nurturing


Email is still the top performing Marketing Channel in terms of ROI (Return on Investment.) Direct Marketing continues to be a viable option, while Social Media Marketing is growing at a rapid rate in popularity and effectiveness.

There are so many uses for the Email Marketing tool. Quite a number of companies don’t take advantage of all the ways that targeted Emails can be used in…

Lead Generation, Nurturing Leads and the most ignored of all Customer/Client Nurturing

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions then you are using email very effectively as a marketing tool and you are experiencing substantial sales growth and heightened customer satisfaction.

Here we go…

  • Are you implementing Emails to generate Leads?

The goal for this type of Email is to lure recipients to visit your Website and opt-in to receive for instance, your FREE Newsletter, special report or video.

  • Do you send a “Thank You” Email for opting-in for your FREE stuff?

Always write to thank people who opted in for whatever FREE lure you were using to obtain their important contact information needed to move forward in your Lead Nurturing Process.

  • Are you properly Nurturing your Leads through a series of Emails?

Okay, now you have Leads on the hook…

So do you let the fish off the line or do you keep sending these prospects Emails that are informative in nature with a little bit of sales promo thrown in, but not too much?

You say, how many Emails should I send?

In the marketing world there is a lot of disagreement on this issue.  When in doubt  Goldilocks asks herself…

How often is too often for me?

Personally, I don’t want to see more than one or two Emails a week from any company.  This frequency keeps me interested in hearing about the new company without being bombarded with daily or bi-daily Emails.

What do you think? Does this sound like what you would expect to be reasonable for yourself?

Success, your Lead Nurturing Emails worked and prospects have bought your widget.

Do you send your new customers a Thank You note?

Well obviously the answer to this question better be a great big “YES.”

Okay so far so good, now this final question is where so many companies will answer “NO.”

Do you send follow-up Emails to nurture your customers/clients after they forked over their money to buy your widget?

Here’s where many companies drop the ball. They are so driven to Nurture Leads and are overjoyed to see that their labors were not wasted when prospects buy their product or service.

These companies think that this is where the customer interaction stops and that is a very big mistake.

Send Emails to your tried and true customers/clients, they are your fan club. Keep in touch perhaps sending Emails that are informative and occasionally weave in another product of yours, stressing its features and benefits.  There is a very good chance that if they bought some of your products before, they may want to come back and visit you to see your new releases.

Well how did you do with my questionnaire?

 I really hope that you said “Yes” to all the questions, but if you did not then you know what to do to make your Email Campaigns work better for you.

Goldilocks would like to show you some of her sample Email deliverables that she has showcased on her Online portfolio.

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Goldilocks hopes that you found your visit to her virtual office informative and she would really like to get to know you better and to answer any questions that you might have.

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