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Email Purpose: Kiln Drying Forum Invitation

Target Audience: Primary Softwood And Hardwood Lumber Mills Wagner Customers

Email Subject: Wagner Sponsors Kiln Drying Forum-Answers to Lumber Drying Questions

Hello (insert name),
We want you to know that we appreciate your business. For several decades now, Wagner’s key focus has been to bring the latest product technologies to lumber mills like yours. In addition, we continue to provide targeted educational materials and work to help you achieve the very best moisture quality control throughout your mill processes.

To that end, you are invited to join the lumber drying forum at, sponsored by Wagner Meters, covering over 95 topics relating to dry kiln maintenance, stacking/sorting wood, impact on planing (how drying impacts the planing process), dry kiln control, moisture variability, drying defects and mold, stain issues and so much more.

The forum has had 51,000 views as people have come to seek knowledge and to have their lumber drying questions answered by our distinguished panel of industry experts:

  • -Michael Milota, Ph.D, Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Wood Science and Engineering Dept.
  • -Phil Mitchell, Ph.D, North Carolina State University, Dept. of Forest Biomaterials
  • -Stavros Avramidis, Ph.D, University of British Columbia, Dept. of Wood Science
  • -Timothy Duncan, MBA, Engineering Manager, Wagner Meters

“Everybody has questions about drying and, while nobody has all the answers, there’s a good chance that somebody does have an answer for most questions,” says Dr. Mike Milota. “This forum will be especially important for kiln personnel who are the only ones that understand drying at a mill and have no in-house expert to turn to.”

Log onto today and find answers to your lumber drying questions.