330 Website Usability Factors: Guidelines for a More User-Friendly and Content-Rich Website

“So what makes this Handbook so special and why should I consider purchasing it?” You ask.

Who other than Goldilocks knows that …?

Goldilocks Baby BearBaby Bear loves the bite-sized pieces value of this Handbook. It keeps his attention focused and prevents him from feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Plus, it’s easy to come right back to this digital book after naps or playing with his new Website toys. He keeps a copy on his desktop

So that he can revisit any topic whenever he needs more information.

Goldilocks Mama BearMama Bear loves the easy-to-follow recipes. The organized layout of the Book speaks her creative language. It’s so easy to follow the intuitive step-by-step instructions while cooking up her new Website.

Goldilocks Daddy BearPapa Bear, the Big Picture kind of bear, growls, “Just show me the way, and I’ll follow.” The many hands-on examples keep him learning until he can puff out his chest with pride while his buddies are clicking around his newly created site. Now his success is the talk of the other bear caves in his community.

Well, Goldilocks had quite a challenge to keep her household bears happy, and at this point she turned her attention to her more “human” storybook counterparts and realized that their challenges were very similar to those of her finicky bear family members.

So whether you are…

-Building your Website from scratch and have no idea where to start and need a road map to follow because you feel that you could get lost along the way…

Fear not… each Section builds on the previous one and every topic has a link so that you can always go back and reread some previous points.

-Editing an existing site that just needs to be tweaked a little here or there and will be looking for some useful tips and strategies  not considered until now…

-Or maybe your Website needs a major overhaul and you are seriously considering dumping your disastrous/nonfunctioning Website into the virtual garbage pail!

Whichever bucket your site falls into doesn’t matter because just fixing little things on your Web Pages will always make a difference and that is better than doing nothing at all.

This is especially important for your returning visitors who came back to see you…

Are you going to let them read the same old stuff on your Web Pages which could indicate to them that you just can’t be bothered to keep your content fresh and up to date?  

These people came back to your site, so continue to give them a great experience while they are there.

Goldilocks had quite a challenge to help her critter friends and of course “you” who came here for help with your Website.

She assures you that…

Meat and Potatoes Is All You Will Get

Her Handbook is a no nonsense, graphic FREE, no frills Guide Book loaded with examples that even a novice can understand and implement right away.

One more thing before getting started…

As you travel through this Handbook, there will be references sprinkled throughout the copy referring to tips and strategies on making your site mobile friendly, a main concern of companies like yours doing business Online today.

Heads Up…

There will be an OFFER that you really shouldn’t pass up revealed later regarding the hot topic…

The world of Website mobilization

Just wait and see what Goldilocks has in store for you…

Let’s get started…

Navigation: The Steering Wheel for Visitors to Your Website

If people come to your Website and can’t figure out how to get around as they look for the information that they seek, you know what will happen, and they will be gone in a nanosecond, never to return.

Here are some of the topics that Goldilocks covered in this Section to help you create a great navigational experience for your visitors…

Navigation Bars (primary and secondary)…5

What about the Right Column on Your Web Pages?…7

Buttons Should Look Like Buttons!…9

“Where is the button?”

This can be a big problem and if your visitors are asking this question then you know that you have some big issues to deal with.

Links: Connecting Pages on Your Website…10

Menu, sidebar, footer, body or contextual

What in the World is “Link Juice”? Or “Google Juice”?

Goldilocks laughs because when she first heard these terms, her mind went to the possibility of a new breakfast drink!

Graphics Can Enhance or Overshadow Your Website Content…17

Here’s where you will focus your attention on…

  • Images And Graphics
  • Symbols And Icons
  • Indexable Content

Navigational Drop-Down Boxes, Good Idea or Not? …21

Please Complete This Form” Best Practices for Usability and Higher Conversion Rates…27

Drop-down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, type-in boxes and hyperlinks

Website Readability Factors…38

Is your copy easy to read word for word?

Words, Sentences and Paragraphs, oh my! …

Sounds like dialogue from the Wizard of Oz, doesn’t it?

Your Video Production: Before, During and After…42

Wow! You are saying, there are quite a lot of topics to go through to make my site easy to navigate.  Goldilocks assures us that there are loads of examples to help us all…

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: Let’s face it, people in general have a very short attention span so if your site visitors can’t figure out where your products/services are and how to get there easily…

You know what will happen?

They will give you a virtual “bye bye” wave by mashing the back button!

Don’t let that happen to you, just take your time and analyze your site Navigation using these topics in Section 1 and once they are implemented you will see an increase in prospects sticking around to see what goodies you have to show them.

So, if you think that you are ready to really dig in, then…

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Not quite sure yet and want to see more?

Keep on reading, Goldilocks has just begun leading you down the path toward creating a really user-friendly experience for your visitors…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Not Dead…44

Oh no! I hear that this stuff is really complicated so why should I bother to give myself a headache?

Goldilocks agrees with you, although she does have a SEO certification. You will receive instructions on some of the basics of this topic, just enough to help you understand why certain elements must be in place on your Website.

Here are some essentials…

-Word choice is crucial

-META Title, description and keyword tags

Without these background elements Google and your site visitors will never see your great stuff.

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: A basic understanding of SEO is important for the success of your Website and while an entire book could be written about this topic, there will be enough information presented here to suffice for now and give you a great start.

Moving right along…

Now Goldilocks looks at the part of the site where you explain who you are and how to contact you.

Site Identity…56

Placement of your business logo, tag line and company contact information on each Web Page

About Us Page: Building Trust and credibility…57

What’s the purpose of your About Us Page?

You might be surprised with the explanation!

-Winning design formula to build company trust and credibility

Contact Page: “How May We Help You?”…67

Optimize Your “Thank You for Contacting Us” Page…72

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: Unless your brand is very well known, your task is to get people to trust you enough for them to drag out their wallets and eagerly hit the “BUY NOW” button.

Too many Contact Us Pages out there are dull and boring, give your visitors a great experience here and this will indicate to them that you really care about reaching out to them.

Okay, I get it, you say, what’s next…’

Home Page: A Welcome Handshake for Visitors to Your Website…74

How do you create the best one for your Website?

Are you actively telling people what to do next once they have arrived there?

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: When people arrive at your Website Home Page, you have literally seconds to convince them that you have what they are looking for and it is crucial that you spend quality time testing to find out what will work or not. In this Section, you will find many elements to consider and which are more important than others.

Do you think that it is time to get started on your journey to begin focusing on the topics that have been presented until this point to give your site visitors a great experience?

If so, simply hit the…

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Want to get started NOW?

Okay Goldilocks, let’s see what else you have to show us…

Now here is the main course loaded with lots of “meat and potatoes…”

Sales Pages: Products and Services…83

-Category pages can be a little tricky

-Considering graphics, images, bulleted points and clear shipping policies

-Single Column Sales Pages Convert Better

-Sales page scanners and skimmers

Video Sales Letters: The New Sales Tool for the 21st Century?…91

-See the pros and cons for implementing them

Confirmation Page: More than Just Saying “Thank You for Your Purchase”…95

-Your Confirmation or Thank You Page is a blank canvas full of opportunities to extend your conversion

-Tell your new customers what to do next and hold them by the hand

-Present Helpful Resources regarding the product they just bought

YouTube demonstrations, links to blogs, offer promo codes, or sign up for your Newsletter

Subscription Page (Paid Subscribers)…102

-For best results, separate your packages, make them stand out in the crowd

-Comparing features and benefits helps your prospective buyers make the right choice for their needs.

-The Left-to-Right/Right-to-Left Debate!

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: Well, in the end you want to sell your products and services and that is not a big surprise and this Section is loaded with lots of strategies, guidelines and specific verbiage to use on these critical Sales Pages. You don’t need to be a professional writer to at least begin to position your products as those that your shoppers a really looking to purchase.

Landing Page: The Often Forgotten Tool for Leads and Sales Conversions…110

What is a Landing Page and what is its purpose?

-Two types of these Pages

To purchase a product or service

Or as a Lead Generation Vehicle which offers some FREE content in exchange for your prospect’s email address.

-Conversion Rate Factors and why they are important

-Characteristics of “Squeeze Pages”

-Elements of a Landing Page

New Lead, That’s Great!: Say More than Just “Thank You”…133

-Set expectations for next steps

Microsites: Maybe an Alternative to a Landing Page?…139

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: This Section has over 54 pages chock full of guidelines and examples and the topics listed above are only a sample of the density of material presented in this part of the Handbook

By this point in the Sales Process you have lured your potential prospects to your site using several different methods. Your Landing and Sales Pages have been written with very engaging copy and they are ready to buy from you.

Let’s see what you can expect from this next Section…    

Components of Your Checkout Process

  • Choosing Between “Persistent” and “Perpetual” Shopping Carts…148
  • Call-To-Action Buttons 149

-Types, characteristics and placement

-Creating urgency and defining scarcity

  • Checkout One Page VS Multi-Page…159
  • Cart review…166

-Displaying cart content

Confirm stock availability and ways to update shopping carts

  • Proceed to Checkout…173

-A thorough look at Guest Checkout, Registration and Sign in to Continue

  • checkout: The Money Page…179

Do you know why you should ask for credit card information last?

  • Do You “Guarantee My Satisfaction”

With Your Product or Service?…182

  • Looking at Shopping Cart Abandonment…185

Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

-What you can do before customers leave their carts behind

-How you can contact them after they have left your site without completing their transactions

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: Wow!, this 62-page Section really drills down to the most important part of your Sales Process and the topics listed earlier are a sample, just enough to help you understand the scope of information that will be covered.

Now that you have seen how the Checkout Process should be built and implemented, do you feel ready to try some of these guidelines for yourself?

Don’t worry, there are many examples to help you along the way.

Go for it! Knowing that you have a 60- day money back guarantee and Goldilocks promises that she won’t Email you every hour of the day or text message you to death demanding to know why you thought that her Website Handbook sucked, or to be more polite, “it just didn’t do me any good.”

And give your prospects a great experience buying from your company…

Remember you will receive a 33% discount off the cover price

Goldilocks, you didn’t tell us what the cover price is!

Oops, so sorry, it’s not easy dealing with three bears on a daily basis!

The cover price is $59

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Okay, not quite ready to give it a try…

What a tough crowd I am dealing with today!

This next Section is all about building content on your Website and without this important strategy, it will be difficult for you to instill the trust and credibility that is crucial for your success Online.

Content/Informational Pages: A Vehicle to Educate and Soft-Sell

Visitors to Your Website…195

Where should these pages reside on your Website?

-Examples of content you should consider developing for your Website and how to repurpose them…

White Papers/Reports, Case Studies, product reviews, infographics and more…

  • To Blog or Not to Blog and How Often, You Ask?…201

-Five myths that will trash your blogging effort from the start

-Strategies and tactics for successful blogging…

-Blogging Best Practices: A Closer look

Looking at Headers/titles, avoiding bait and switch, text readability, length of your blog

Creating article categories/archives and establishing a “comments” policy

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Must be Customer-Centric…217

-Options for positioning Questions and Answers on your Web Pages

NOTE FROM GOLDILOCKS: Have you noticed the conversational tone being used here on this page?

If so, you can bet that this style will be very prevalent throughout this Website Usability Handbook, so…

And have some fun working on your site right away.

Remember, the Goldilocks 60-Day Money-back Guarantee

A promise to  refund your money if you are not satisfied with the stuff she is teaching you and she won’t be sending you tons of emails trying to find out why you were not happy.

Once you order your copy, download it to your Desktop for easy reference.

Don’t forget about the two great bonuses you will receive with your purchase…

-FREE Handbook updates will be sent to your inbox when they are published

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Place Your Order Today for Your Website Usability Handbook

Okay, so you want to see what’s in the last Section in this Handbook before you decide whether to give it a try, no problem just read on…

  • Testimonials and Other Social Proofs

Sprinkle Generously Throughout Your Website…221

-Part 1: Exploring Several Different Types of Testimonials/Social Proofs

Next where to insert them …

-Part 2: Placing Customer Testimonials and Other Social Proofs on the Core Pages of Your Website

Followed by…

-Part 3: Testimonials and Social Proofs Have a Place on your Content/Informational Pages and Other Marketing Collateral

Finally, let’s not forget about Social Media…

-Part 4: Where to Incorporate Social Proofs on Social Media Platforms

  • Video Testimonials: Seeing is Believing…237

Meanwhile back to the bear cave…

Let’s check in on Goldilocks’s three bears and see how they are progressing building their Websites.

Baby Bear is almost through working on his Website project and can’t believe how little time it took to create a really nice site, one that he will be proud to show to the other bear children at school.

Way to go Goldilocks!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen Mama Bear has cooked up a really user-friendly Website and now is the talk of her ladies club.

She is so thankful to Goldilocks for all of the easy to follow instructions, tips and strategies making her recipes the talk of her bear town.

What’s going on with daddy bear?

Daddy bear is raking in the loot thanks to Goldilocks for showing him how to create a great shopping experience for visitors to his Website.  His Checkout Process has been streamlined and people love to come back and visit.

This storybook closes as Goldilocks and her three bears are packing to spend the winter on a nice warm Caribbean island, to heck with hibernating!

Enjoy a 33% discount off the cover price!

Goldilocks will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied with all of the guidelines and goodies she has shared with you in this Handbook.

Don’t forget about your extra bonuses…

-FREE updates to this Handbook will be delivered right to your inbox

-Goldilocks will be happy to send her Handbook on making your Website mobile-friendly absolutely FREE and she is working hard to make the content really spot on.

So “Bye Bye” for now!

Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business!