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Please click on any of my Service Categories listed below and I will share my thoughts about the necessity of each marketing component presented as well as what processes Goldilocks goes through to make it all happen.

SEO Optimizing Your Web Pages

Lots of people don’t have a clue about SEO and how important it is to “get some of it” for their Websites.

Here is the Goldilocks process of making your Website SEO-friendly which leads to a higher ranking on Google and its cousins.

Take a look, won’t you?


Website Audit Consulting Leading to Site Editing or Overhauling

This entails performing a thorough Website Usability Audit looking at over 330 factors with the aim of providing you with a detailed analysis of which components of your Website are working well and highlighting those that need to be examined further.

Would you like to read more about the process of undergoing a Goldilocks Website Usability Audit?

Her three guru bears are waiting to tell you all about what they can do for you.

This link should take people to the Methodology page regarding Website Audit Consulting.

Email Marketing

It starts with Lead Generation (Lead Gen) followed by Nurturing those Leads and the often forgotten Customer/Client Nurturing. These folks just forked over money to buy your products or services so they will welcome Emails from you on how to get the best results from using your stuff.

Here’s a quiz to see whether you are using this marketing tool effectively…

Come and Take a Look

Case Studies (Customer Success Stories)

Building Product and Service Credibility for Your Company

Both Businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) as well as businesses that sell their products and services directly to consumers (B2C), need case studies to build credibility for their companies and the products and services they sell.

Your Prospects will read a Customer Success Story before looking at a Sales Brochure or other piece of marketing collateral.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Each company has a unique situation where their Websites are concerned and Goldilocks wants to help your business run smoother because when that happens your customers are happy and as a result your bottom line sure looks better!

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