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Home Page: A Welcome Handshake for Visitors to Your Website

Home Pages can be tricky, simply because they not only have their own job to do, but also need to support a group of key interior pages.

In other words, while your Home Page has several tasks it has to achieve in terms of presenting your company or organization to the public, it also has to serve as an index for other important areas of your site.

  • A Home Page is where you need to present your unique value proposition with clarity (that which sets you apart from your competitors)
  • It is where you have to both excite and reassure your readers, both at the same time
  • It has to be clear and simple but also direct readers forward to the interior pages they are looking for

Your Home Page is your billboard, your virtual receptionist… and, in many cases, gets the most traffic of any page on your Website. However, it is surprising how poorly designed and how little attention it gets. This page has a big job. It needs to serve many different audiences and answer many different questions, all within the first few seconds after your visitors arrive.

Attracting targeted traffic to your Website is only half the problem.  The other half is engaging those visitors once they arrive and converting them into customers.  Since most visitors will find their way to your Home Page, it had better be a conversion powerhouse.

How do you create the best Home Page for your business Website?

Make it immediately clear what people can expect from your site. Just enough to let first-time visitors know what your company offers. Be clear about your purpose and audience.

Is it written for new visitors or returning customers?

Use Links on Your Home Page to Segment Multiple Audiences

This strategy can be used effectively to engage each audience individually.

For instance,

Links for Home Users, Small and Medium Businesses, Large Enterprises, and Public Institutions, such as Health Care, schools, and the Federal Government.

These links allow your site visitors to quickly segment themselves, content within each section addresses the needs of each specific audience. Once you have segmented content, you can then drive traffic to each section via blog posts / comments, print ads, email offers, and direct mail (to name a few).

Visitors to your site are task-oriented, they have questions, and they need information. People are in a hurry. They don’t read word for word. On an average Web Page, visitors read only 28% of the content found there. As their cursor already hovers over the back button…

How can you quickly tell them what they’ll find on your site?

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