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Home Page: Building Trust and Credibility

Home Page: Building Trust and Credibility

Has your company received any awards or recognition lately?

Don’t let those awards just collect dust in your office.  Put them on display!  Everybody likes working with a proven winner, so include a note about your recent recognition somewhere on your Home Page, just don’t overdo it.

Client Testimonials

Think about your own personal purchasing decisions. What is one thing that you always look for to support your decision?  Customer reviews.  If your company has positive reviews from your previous or current customers, you want those to be on display. Let your potential customers know that they should be confident in choosing you. Just as with every other element, moderation is the best policy.

Links to Social Media

Encourage your Website visitors to engage with your company on your social media outlets. Place social media buttons visibly on your Home Page, but do not be “in your face” about them.  You want to give a gentle push towards your social media, not a forceful shove. Social media followers are much more likely to revisit your Website so don’t miss out on an opportunity to generate continuous traffic.

Goldilocks hopes that you have picked up some helpful strategies to implement on your site Home Page!

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  • Testimonials and Other Social Proofs Sprinkle Generously Throughout Your Website!

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Goldilocks has put together a PDF for you giving you formulas and examples of the most widely successful options.

Seven Headline Formulas and Examples

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