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Home Page Navigation: Make Your Links Count!

When people visit your site, you want to help them find what they came for. The main focus of your Home Page navigation is to provide category level links. Follow these guidelines to help your visitors find the stuff that will interest them.

  • Give your visitors a “20,000 foot view” of what your site sells so they can drill down to specific subcategories
  • Add links to your most used tools or buying guides
  • Provide links to return policy, customer service, shipping and privacy pages

Here is some sure fire ways that will make your visitors run away from your site

  • Jam every category and subcategory on your Home Page
  • Push product level promotions. If you only have a few products, you can ignore this.
  • Use overly generic stock photos. This screams unauthentic.

Is it easy for your visitors to find the pages they are searching for?

Unless you have a single product or service, you are going to have to help people find the second-level page that best matches their immediate interest. If 80% of your visitors end up going to just three or four of your second level pages first, make links to these pages easy to find on your Home Page.

This sounds obvious, but Home Pages are often cluttered with too many featured links. Use your navigation bar links and buttons to provide access to all areas of your site. But make a feature of the links that best serve the needs of the majority of your visitors. Other second-level links are listed within similar groups, to make it easier to locate what your visitors are looking for. The top “money” links are given a primary position on the first screen. When you have a site with hundreds or even thousands of products, it’s important to help people find exactly what they are really searching for.

If there are four or five products or categories that a majority of your visitors want, give those links special prominence on the first screen. Then, if you have a large number of categories, group them by product type or theme, so people will be able to scan the list headings and zero in on their area of interest quickly.

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