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Home Page: Prime Real Estate Above the Fold

How to Harvest Your Visitor’s E-Mail Addresses for Further Engagement!

The featured area also known as that which appears “above the fold,” is the most prominent real-estate on your Home Page. You only have 50 milliseconds to convince visitors to hang around and find the information they are looking for.

Here is How to Reach this Goal!

  • Use a simple uncluttered design and make the words that you select really count
  • Eliminate everything that does not make an impact

For example,

Your recent blog posts

  • Visual cues like color or arrows are very useful to focus attention on a single Call-To-Action
  • Make it easy for people to self-identify. Do you sell pricy jackets for women?

Here are some examples of things that you don’t want to use on this precious real-estate

  • Decorating with swirls, sparkles, and other meaningless symbols which add to the cognitive load and distract your customers.
  • Have outdated content like promotions from last week or even last month. You will instantly lose credibility.
  • Clutter the area with too many messages or promotions
  • Employ an automatically advancing slider or carousel.
  • Emphasize a product that is not representative of your overall mix

Are You Capturing Visitors’ E-Mail Addresses?

Most visitors who arrive at your site for the first time will not purchase your product or service during their first visit. And most will never return to your site again.

So whenever possible, and if appropriate, encourage them to sign up for a newsletter, a free download, an E-Mail sequence… or something else. This will be useful for every site that delivers content in the form of articles or reviews. It applies to those who are consultants or other service providers. And it can be useful for many sites that sell products.

When you invite someone to sign up, offer them something free as a reward. In other words, give them more than you are asking from them. This gift could be an E-Book, a White Paper, a Case Study, or a Guide. The list is endless. And once you have them on your list, you will be in a position to keep in touch with them for months and years to come.

Whether you are selling products or services, it is often going to make sense to collect contact information from as many of your site visitors as possible. Email address collection may not always be a priority for your Home Page, but it often is. And if you want to gather as many email addresses as possible, be sure to place your sign-up form in a prominent position, on the top right side of this page.

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