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My name is Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks and I would like to “Thank You” for stopping by.

Many times I have been asked to explain my process for creating Case Studies (Customer Success Stories). Well, here it is…

If you have any questions about creating this type of marketing deliverable, or want to schedule a FREE Consultation to determine how a Case Study would help to promote your business and add credibility to your Product/Service, then…

The following step-by-step Process will ensure that all parties involved in the creation of your Case Study, know and understand their individual responsibilities and input opportunities.

Following this outline will help minimize any misunderstandings, questions about the purpose of a Case Study and knowing when and how each step/phase will be completed.

NOTE: Some of my clients have decided that some steps listed below are not necessary for their Case Study project. That of course is fine.

Okay, let’s get started…

STEP 1: Project Approval and First Half Payment

  • You will receive a Project Agreement along with a copy of this outline
  • By return email you will decide which payment method you prefer-PayPal, credit card or company check.
  • Based on your answer, the appropriate invoice will be furnished to you or a link if applicable to make your payment.
  • When your first half payment is received then we will move on to Step 2

STEP 2: Discovery Call

You will be contacted to discuss the following…

  • Who will be the project manager for this Case Study?
  • Gather basic information about your company and its products and services
  • Choose one particular product or service as the subject of your Case Study
  • Brainstorm with Goldilocks to define a “hook” for this project

This will involve thinking about:

  • What is the motivating factor for a customer buying your product or service and choosing your company over your competitor’s supposed great stuff?
  • Who is the target audience that will read your Case Study and be motivated to purchase?

Not only which type of company/prospect but…

Which personnel in that company will most likely benefit by reading your Case Study?

It must be employees directly involved in the buying decision making process-Warehouse Manager, Factory Foreman, Office Manager, Purchasing Agent and of course the top financial banana who can approve or stop the purchase of your great product in its tracks.

STEP 3: Getting the Sales Department on Board

  • It is important if you have a sales staff that you relay all information discussed during the previous Discovery Call to that department. After all they know and understand your customers/clients and can contribute toward the success of your Case Study project.
  • Include the subject of the Case Study

-Product or service selected

  • Relay Product Hook identified earlier, gain further input and come to a final decision
  • If there is a change in the Hook then notify Goldilocks immediately

STEP 4: Selecting Your Customer to Be Interviewed

  • Have your Sales Department make an initial call to one of your customers and select a possible interviewee.
  • Once interviewee agrees to participate, then get permission from their PR or their Legal Department to move forward.
  • Goldilocks can provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document which describes what a Case Study is and what the participant needs to know about the part that individual plays in the entire scope of the project.

STEP 5: Back Story Call

Once Steps 1-4 are completed then Goldilocks will arrange a conference call to include her, you, as well as the Project Manager, and a member of your sales staff, to discuss the specific features and benefits of your product, the focus for your Case Study.

STEP 6: Preparation of Interview Questionnaire

  • A list of specific questions will be prepared by Goldilocks to be used during the interview process. A copy will be sent to you and your sales rep for review.
  • If you have additions then you will edit the list and return it to Goldilocks

PREFERRED METHOD: Many clients want Goldilocks to simply let the conversation flow smoothly between her and your customer being interviewed. It makes the subject feel more relaxed and gives Goldilocks the opportunity to draw that person out on a specific point.

Keep in mind that a typical Case Study interview should be no longer than 30 minutes in length so as not to inconvenience your customer.

STEP 7: Setting Up the Interview

  • You will provide the contact information for the interviewee and Goldilocks will schedule the call with that person and will send the questionnaire if applicable prepared in Step 6 to your customer to review in preparation for the interview.
  • In addition, a copy of the FAQ mentioned in Step 4 for Case Study participants will also be sent to your customer.

STEP 8: The Interview

  • The interview will be conducted with the chosen customer, the call will be recorded and a transcript will be furnished to you later upon request.

STEP 9: “Thank You” Note to Your Customer

Very Important: A “Thank You” email and or phone call will be sent to your customer. After all this individual has done you a great favor by participating in your Case Study.

STEP 10: Preparation of Storyboard

  • A Storyboard is an outline of the Case Study detailing the basic points discussed in the interview that will be included in the draft.

Generally, Goldilocks sees this Step as optional in the Case Study Process.  Many of her clients have decided to skip it and move on.

  • If a Storyboard is requested, you will receive a copy to be reviewed by you and your sales staff.

STEP 11: Case Study Draft

  • As per the Project Agreement, the second half of your Case Study fee will be due once this draft is sent to you
  • You and your staff will make any changes that you feel are necessary

PLEASE NOTE: As discussed in my Project Agreement, if the edits are major and require heavy rewrites then a fee will be charged for such.

  • You will then forward your Case Study draft to the customer for review
  • Once reviewed by all parties it will be returned to Goldilocks to make the edits required

STEP 12: Final Review

Your final Case Study document will be submitted to you and then sent on to the customer for final review and approval.

SUCCESS-Now you have your Case Study to be used in many ways throughout your product/service marketing campaigns.

Finally, during the 12-Step process, all parties involved were kept in the loop and were encouraged to input their ideas.

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