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For Writing and Marketing Services Delivered by Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks

Assuming that Linda’s prospective clients don’t have a contract template of their own, then…

Here is a sample of Linda Odubayo Thompson’s standard client agreement which outlines the Terms and Conditions for hiring Her as a Copywriter.

Should you be considering her to conduct a Goldilocks Website Usability Audit, the verbiage can be adapted to encompass this service.

Copywriting for [Project]

Dear [Name]:

Thank you for hiring Linda Odubayo Thompson to write [project] for [company]. Here are the terms we discussed. Would you please read this through to make sure these are terms you agree to and send a REPLY e-mail that all is fine? (Please include this e-mail in your reply.)

The fee for the [project], which includes [describe elements if applicable], is $xxxx.

A deposit of half the project fee is required up front and an invoice indicating the balance owed will be generated upon completion of the project. Accepted payment methods include checks made payable to Linda Odubayo Thompson or arrangements can be made for direct deposit to Linda’s checking account. In some cases clients can also make a payment through Pay Pal or through a major credit card.

You will have first draft copy by [Day/Date] by 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time). Linda does not miss deadlines, so if you have not received your copy on the date it is due, please call her immediately so the document in question can be resent.

PLEASE NOTE: Once we agree on deadlines, they are contingent on getting your go-ahead and deposit by [DATE]. Linda’s schedule does fill up quickly and we regret that we can’t hold dates without payment.

Up to two revisions are included at no extra charge unless they are based on a change in the scope of the assignment made after the copy is submitted.

All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of your receipt of the first draft of copy. After that, additional rewrite may be made at a fee to be negotiated separately from this agreement.

Linda makes her best attempt to be available to make revisions. She can turn around minor revisions in 2-3 business days and major revisions may take longer.

If you cancel or put the project on hold once Linda has begun work, a kill fee may be applied. Let her know if you’d like a copy of her kill fee schedule.

This fee is for copywriting, which Linda defines as creating text for promotional material from content provided by the client. Research to create original content if needed would be an additional fee to be quoted separately.

Although you are not required to do so, Linda recommends that you send her a PDF of the [piece] before [printing/sending], to your client so she can review it, making sure the elements are positioned effectively, and that all revisions work as intended.

Also, although Linda makes every effort to make your copy comply with the law, she is not an attorney. Therefore, it is your responsibility to submit all copy for legal review. You are also responsible for final proofreading of all the copy.

There are many factors in your marketing – product, market, price, list, demand, consumer preferences, major events – that Linda cannot control. Therefore, while she can and does guarantee your satisfaction with her copy before you test it, Linda does not promise and cannot guarantee specific results.

Many clients like to “fine tune” landing pages and other online copy once it is posted. This fine-tuning is not included in the project fee. If you’d like Linda to be available to tweak and refine your online copy once it is up and running, ask her about her Maintenance program.

Thank you, [Name].


FINAL NOTE: Please feel free to contact Linda with any questions that you might have about her Client Agreement Terms and Conditions or to schedule an appointment to speak with her about an upcoming project.

Linda Odubayo Thompson
Certified SEO Copywriter/Marketing Consultant
With a concentration in Website Usability Factors


Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business!