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My name is Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks and over the past few years I have been asked this question…

What is the process that you use to do an audit of my Website and what can I expect to learn from the analysis that you will send me?

ANSWER: When you view the main topics below which contain a vast number of elements that will be scrutinized as part of the Audit Process it will give you a better understanding of the thoroughness of what you can expect from a Site Audit done by Goldilocks.

When your Website Usability Audit has been completed you will receive a very detailed report showing you the components that look good and are functioning well on your site, and those that are either missing or just don’t add anything to enhance your visitor usability.

The end result might be that several areas of your site need small edits or Goldilocks may indicate that it might be cost-effective to engage in a complete overhaul if there are just too many problems that have been uncovered.

Will you be able to help me to make edits to my site or handle an overhaul if it is deemed necessary?

ANSWER: Goldilocks will give you an estimate of the work that needs to be completed according to the priority of each concern, and then you can determine, based on your budget, which parts and pieces you can address now and later down the road.

Kind of like choosing from a Chinese menu (I’ll take “X” from Column A and “X” from Column B)!

You will also receive some specific recommendations that will guide you along the path toward making your site a much more user-friendly experience and will encourage people to come back and see you time and time again.

Okay, moving right along here…

Major Categories/Concerns Included in a Website Usability Audit

By Goldilocks and her three guru bears

Navigation: The Steering Wheel for Visitors to Your Website

  • Buttons Should Look Like Buttons!
  • Links: Connecting Pages on Your Website
  • Graphics Can Enhance or Overshadow Your Website Content
  • Navigational Drop-Down Boxes, Good Idea or Not?
  • “Please Complete This Form” Best Practices for Usability and Higher Conversion Rates
  • Website Readability Factors
  • Video on Your Website: An Overview
  • Your Video Production: Before, During and After
  • Search Engine Optimization is Not Dead

Site Identity

  • About Us Page: Building Trust and credibility
  • Contact Page: “How May We Help You”?
  • Optimize Your “Thank You” for Contacting Us Page

Home Page: A Welcome Handshake for Visitors to Your Website

Sales Pages: Products and Services

  • Video Sales Letters: The New Sales Tool for the 21st Century?
  • Confirmation Page: More than Just Saying “Thank You for Your Purchase”
  • Subscription Page(Paid Subscribers)

Landing Page: The Often Forgotten Tool for Leads and Sales Conversions

  • New Lead, That’s Great: Say More than Just “Thank You”

Checkout Process

  • Choosing Between “Persistent” and “Perpetual” Shopping Carts
  • Call-To-Action Buttons

Types, Characteristics and Placement

  • “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” Button

Which Action to Choose and for What Purpose?

  • Checkout One Page VS Multi-Page
  • Cart review
  • Proceed to Checkout

Guest Checkout-Registration-Sign in to Continue

  • checkout: The Money Page
  • Do You “Guarantee My Satisfaction”

With Your Product or Service?

  • Looking at Shopping Cart Abandonment

Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Content/Informational Pages: A Vehicle to Educate and Soft-Sell

Visitors to Your Website

  • To Blog or Not to Blog and How Often, You Ask?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Must be Customer Centric

Testimonials and Other Social Proofs

Sprinkle Generously Throughout Your Website

  • Video Testimonials: Seeing is Believing

As you can see a Website Usability Audit by Goldilocks is very thorough and well worth the money spent having one done for you. As noted earlier, you will receive a detailed analysis of the pages that have been audited along with recommendations for plugging up any holes, ways to enhance your informational copy, suggestions for streamlining your Navigation and lots more.

Goldilocks offers a handful of Website Usability Audit Packages available for you to choose from or create your own Pages bundle.

Let’s see what she has in store for us…

Baby Bear 5 Core Pages Audit

This package includes your Home, About Us, Contact Us, and 2 Products/Services Pages of your choice.

Total cost for this Package including Analysis Report…$800.00

Mama Bear Enhanced Core Pages Audit

In addition to the 5 Core Pages described in the Baby Bear Audit…

Add “Thank You” Pages for (Contacting Us and Purchasing our products/services)

Total cost for a Mama Bear Package including detailed Analysis Report…$1000.00

Daddy Bear comprehensive audit

This Package will include all of the pages listed below along with your Analysis Report

  • Home, About Us, Contact Us, and 2 Products/services Pages
  • Thank You Pages (for Contacting Us and for purchasing from us)
  • Checkout Process Pages which could include…
  • Shopping Cart Review
  • Guest Checkout or Log In to Continue
  • Checkout Page where it’s all about the money

Total cost for this Daddy Bear Audit including Analysis Report…$1300.00

Any other Pages needing auditing, other than those listed above will be considered separately and can be bundled together.

Goldilocks knows that just like her bear family, you are anxious to get started toward making your Website truly a great place to visit and one that will encourage people to come back time and time again.

Order Your Audit Package NOW

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If you have any questions or need to discuss a customized Audit Package, please feel free to contact Goldilocks…

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NOTE: Goldilocks understands that if you have a start-up business or others who have not achieved the level of growth that you have expected at this point and as a result your budget cannot support a Website Usability Audit done by Goldilocks…

Stick around because she can still help you with another option…

If you feel that you want to try and Audit your site on your own, then Goldilocks has written a comprehensive Website Usability Handbook that is structured similar to the topics presented earlier as part of her Audit Process.

This Handbook is filled with over 330 Website Usability Factors and you will see many examples of verbiage that you should use for each concept being discussed. Each Section builds on the one before and closely follows the Sales Cycle all the way through the Checkout Process and much more.

Does this sound like an option that you would like to explore?

Before Goldilocks sends you to another page where you will find more detailed information on what you can reasonably expect from purchasing this Handbook and how you can judge the effectiveness of the Pages/Sections of your site that you have self-audited, she wants you to know…

  • You will receive a Book Launch Discount of 33% off the cover price of $59

You pay only $39!

In addition…

  • All future updates to this Handbook will be delivered to your inbox FREE of charge

And there is more…

  • Goldilocks is writing another Handbook about making your Website “Mobile Friendly” and when it is published you will get a FREE copy, no strings attached. It is a bonus worth over $60 and will be yours FREE of charge.

Have you seen enough and want to order your Website Usability Handbook right NOW?

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Not quite convinced yet?

Okay Goldilocks, you said that you could direct us to a page where we can read more details about this Handbook and that is where we want to go next…

330 Website Usability Factors: Guidelines for a More User-friendly and Content Rich Website

Final Note: Goldilocks welcomes your comments and will try to answer any questions that you may have about her Audit Process and her Handbook.

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Have a great day.

Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business