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The term “White Paper” was first used by the British Parliament in the early 1900s when binders of important information needed to be recognized by the floor. The binders would be wrapped in plain white paper so they would stand out amongst all the other colored binders waiting to be addressed. The whole process of writing white papers and case studies is very different than handling other marketing projects because they involve many more steps and take much longer to complete.

I conduct several interviews in the case of a white paper to gain background information from experts. Many times I don’t have any prior knowledge on the subject that I am writing about. This makes me thirsty to absorb every morsel of information during the interview process.

In the situation of a case study the purpose is to gain insight from the satisfied customer of your product or service that you sold him or her. In many ways I am the reporter making your happy customer comfortable and working to extract compelling reasons why the customer was so happy with the product or service. Readers of a case study are looking for more than hearing, “oh I liked the product”.

I like to craft my case studies in article format lending the finished product to be used in many different marketing campaigns. Key quotations derived from your case studies can be used whole or in part where ever testimonials are needed in many marketing pieces.

Please contact me to discuss the possibility of preparing an upcoming white paper and I will help you brainstorm ideas and work to prepare a compelling finished product.

One that can be used in many ways in your marketing plans. A white paper is an excellent lead generation tool. Don’t forget how much I like the process of preparing case studies. My case studies are very conversational in nature and customers that I interview feel at ease and speak freely about the product or service you are promoting.

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