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Autoresponder Email Series

Autoresponder Email Series

“You are a great story teller”

American Writers And Artists


SUBJECT:  Look out! It’s A Tornado

Hi there “insert first name” it’s “x or marketer” from AWAI-American
Writers And Artists and I am still shaking after what I heard last

A buddy of mine told me a story about what happened to his friend’s family. This family was out for a Sunday afternoon ride not long after leaving church. They began singing to “On A Clear Day You Can see Forever” on the radio, so blissful was their mood that they did not see that the sky was darkening and the color of the sky was becoming the eeriest dark greenish black. All of a sudden those civil alert tones began emanating from the radio. The daddy stopped the car wondering where he would take his family to shelter them from impending danger, but all he could see ahead of him was endless miles of interstate and no sign of buildings as far as the eye could see. The ominous horrible funnel cloud was getting near. Oh how terrible, it would be right in their path. They had no choice but to scramble out of the car and try to wedge themselves underneath. Yeah, this wasn’t so safe but what else was there to do. They interlocked hands and waited for the worst to happen. The shrieking wind emanating from that black monster really hurt their ears. They were lucky because the twister went just to the right of their family car. They hugged each other and rejoiced that they were alive and safe. Doesn’t this heart wrenching story remind you of times in your life when you were powerless to stop a life changing event from happening.

For instance did you lose your job recently and don’t know why?

As far as you know, you did nothing wrong. Or do you get the feeling every day that you go to work that there will be that dreaded pink slip waiting for you on your desk? Let me show you starting right now a way that you can take back control of these situations and not let the tornadoes of life paralyze you with fear. Take the first step to put yourself back in the driver’s seat. So come and read what I have to show you, right “NOW”!

What if I could show you how to write a powerful resume that would start opening doors that were never opened to you before. You could write a professional resume that would be different from the rest of the pack. You could learn to write such a resume in a very short time. This program is taught by the very best resume writers in the business. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, just turn on your computer.

Well can I show you more details about this program that will change your conception about what a good resume looks like? Come look and “SEE”! You now have the tools right at your fingertips to confront the job loss tornado. Look at all the skills you can learn in just a very “FEW DAYS”!

To your Success
“name of marketer”

P.s.  Oh, I almost forgot the best part is the wonderful AWAI product guarantee
Yes a full 100 Percent refund is offered to you! No pressure. No questions asked. How can you go wrong with that kind of guarantee?
Does it make sense to pass up such an “OFFER”?

SUBJECT:  Starry Starry Night

Hey there “first name” it’s “marketer X” from AWAI-American Writers
And Artists can you close your eyes and just imagine…..

A man named Peter is sitting on his condo terrace. The chair is so comfy and he is dressed in that favorite thread worn shorts and tee that fits like a warm glove on a cold winter’s day. At Peter’s elbow is an ice bucket with a bottle of Cabernet wine and a bowl of snack mix; beckoning him, the scent of cheese and garlic fill the still night air. Peter can’t help but lean back and take in the sky with all its profound mysteries. The song “Starry Starry Night” comes to mind as he starts humming that soft ballad.

If someone saw Peter now they would see peace and serenity in the eyes and facial features. It wasn’t always that way for sure. Only a few months ago one would see that same face in a quite different light. Remembering only his bloodshot eyes and a drawn tired look about him. It was true, Peter had a great job, so satisfying it was, but when returning home, the mood changed rapidly as he opened his mailbox stuffed with bills he had no way of paying. The little one’s braces broke and wow! Suffering from sticker shock, he says. The car was working so well for so long, but all of a sudden all sorts of warning lights began flashing on the dashboard. Now, this is big time sticker shock, double wow!

So that very night Peter went on the internet and his life started changing as he received an email just like this one. The email showed Peter how easy it was to start right away lining his pockets with some extra cash. Well he couldn’t resist taking a peek and now I am offering you the same opportunity to take a “LOOK SEE”!

No, you don’t have to sell soap or miracle vitamins. It is about a skill that you can learn easily starting from right now!
What if I told you that being able to write a really professional resume could put money in your pocket? It only takes a handful of hours to learn the skills. Once learned a professional resume can be written in only one hour. You can charge 100 bucks to write it from start to finish. Write 4 per week and put $20,000 a year in your checking account! Couldn’t you use that extra cash?

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to read all the “DETAILS”!

Well taking advantage of this wonderful program opportunity was what put the stars in the teary, red rimmed eyes of our Peter sitting on the terrace. Another thing there are around 25 million people out there who are unemployed right now looking for someone like yourself to prepare professional, look-at-me-first resumes. And not to mention couldn’t you use a really dynamic resume yourself?

It’s really easy and you can start learning right “NOW”

To your Success

“Name of marketer”

P.S.  How about a really cool bonus
You get the AWAI complete satisfaction guarantee

100 percent of your hard earned money will be refunded to you if not totally  happy with this product. You won’t be peppered with questions, I promise so you have nothing to lose. Start putting the stars in your eyes, “OKAY”?


SUBJECT:  What’s A Lug Wrench, Huh…

Hey “first name”, this is “x marketer’s name” from AWAI – American
Writers And Artists back at you with another cute story and I’m still nodding in disbelief. You see when my sister started driving years ago she wanted to show off her driving talents to her parents and especially to her big sister. So one evening, sis Nance drove the family to a dinner theater. Well on that particular night we all left the theater some three hours later stuffed with food and we are still laughing over a really funny joke that the comedian told us. Something about a duck that was chasing a man walking his dog. Nance gets to the car first and groans because one of her tires is flat. Daddy says “no problem” and heads for the trunk since the trunk is opened, there sat the brand new spare tire but where on earth was the car jack and the lug wrench?

Turning to Nance he asks, “Where are they?” She replies, “what’s a lug wrench, daddy?” “Oh you mean that thing with all the arms that looked rusty, yuk I threw that icky thing away weeks ago” as she bats her big blue eyes and smiles sweetly at Daddy.

All Daddy could do at this point is mutter under his breath and go in search of a telephone booth. This was a long time before cell phones. Luckily Daddy found a friend to come and give us a hand. Does this story sound familiar to you? Have you ever tried to fix something and of course you have every tool but the one you really need. Have you thought about starting your own business but didn’t have a clue where to start because the right tools and how to use them are not available to you. That’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

What if I could show you a business skill that would only take a few days to learn? And no this isn’t about selling magazine subscriptions. You could be earning 100 bucks an hour before you know it. Can you imagine earning 100 bucks for an hour’s work?
This isn’t pie in the sky my friend. Come and see for “YOURSELF”! You can learn to write a really professional resume that catches the eye of a prospective employer while others are thrown in the garbage and never read. Think of how happy you will make your customers. As one by one they are finding great jobs because of the fabulous resume you prepared and you can work from the comfort of your home, sitting in your jammies if you like!

Learning this skill will put bucks in your pocket very quickly. We even show you sample advertisements to give your business a jump start. This program was designed by some of the top resume writers in this country. Wouldn’t you like to be trained by the pros? Follow me please and learn all the “DETAILS”. You will have the right tools to write these impressive resumes. The rest is easy because we hold your hand from start to finish. Maybe you only dreamed of owning your own business, now AWAI can make it a reality!

To your success
“Name of marketer”

P.S. Bonus, Bonus a step-by-step guide to starting and running your own business is included. Not to mention AWAI’s good faith guarantee 100 percent refund if for any reason you are not satisfied. Really, no questions will be “ASKED”.