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Smith Training And Consulting, Through Its Flagship Program “Networking For Results” Comes To The Rescue.

Kinnear Office Furnishings, a mid-sized company selling stylish functional office furniture and specialized interior design consultation, is not just an order by catalog company. Kinnear believes in offering “Business Space Interior Designers” that will come in and design and recommend furnishings for an office or other interior space. All selected furnishings will be delivered by Kinnear.

Janice Bell, CEO of Kinnear has learned that networking is the only solution that works for her company after ditching cold calling and other methods of prospecting. She says “Networking is of critical importance to our sales team. They need to aggressively network in order to identify the right contacts at prospective companies and get them talking about furnishings and interior space design.”

She goes on to say, “One of our toughest problems is identifying who in a company we need to contact. Sometimes the office manager is in charge of furnishings and office space. But it can also be the CEO! We just can’t buy a mailing list.”

Because of this complexity in finding really good prospects Janice went in search for network training for her sales staff. With a few clicks she found Smith Training and Consulting offering a 4-step networking training program that would teach her sales staff how to search for quality contacts.

The program features a 2-day in-house seminar followed by 12 small 20 minute training modules and offers 180 days of unlimited one-on-one consultation.

The feedback from her sales team was very positive despite the minor work disruption. Janice went on to say, “And they really, really liked the virtual training modules that they could access anytime and they could call or email Michael to ask questions and get advice.”

Janice continues, “What I really like about the program Networking For Results is that there’s no fluff or theory. Right from the first module, there were tips and tactics that our sales team could implement right away.”

As a result of the training her sales team saw an increase of 20 to 30 percent more “real” contacts each week going forward.

Michael T. Smith was happy to hear Janice exclaim, “Without a doubt, this is a very effective program, especially for sales teams like ours that rely on networking to build sales. I’d highly recommend it!”