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EMAIL PURPOSE: To Introduce Wagner Meters To Potential Customers

TARGET AUDIENCE: Softwood and Hardwood Lumber Mills

EMAIL SUBJECT: Getting To Know Wagner Meters

Hello (Insert Name),

Softwood and hardwood mills have relied on Wagner Meters’ moisture measurement and analysis solutions for over 45 years.

Return on Investment

Dramatically improve your grade recovery─along with your bottom line─when you use Wagner’s [Omega In-Line and MC4000 In-Kiln] moisture measurement systems, hand-held moisture meters and sawmill sorting systems.


You get the very latest in moisture measurement technology. Wagner leads the forest products industry in innovation, and our decades of research have resulted in a number of leading-edge patents, which means that you won’t be left behind with outdated, copy-cat technology.

Our Experience & Expertise

Add over 60 years of combined experience in moisture measurement systems, moisture data analysis and technology to your team when you choose to partner with Wagner. Our engineering and technical staffs are committed to your success.

Wagner Meters’ entire line of moisture measurement and management solutions is designed, manufactured, and supported in the United States.

When you need us, we’re there. Partner with Wagner and get permanent access to our US-based customer support staff. But we don’t wait for you to call us─our proactive Customer Care Call Program means that we take the initiative to help you resolve issues before they become problems.

Make your moisture measurement QC and kiln drying processes the best they can be.

Call us today and learn how at 541-582-0541.

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To Your Business Success.