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Kiln Drying.Org  Over 51,000 Visitors Have Sought Answers to Lumber Drying Questions

You are invited to join a forum, focused on all aspects of lumber drying, where our panel of esteemed industry experts have weighed in on over 95 relevant topics. Some of the top viewed issues are:

Mixing wood thicknesses when stacking, general dry kiln maintenance/coils and steam traps, dry kiln schedules/different thicknesses of the same species, planer skip and finally balancing final EMC/minimum cooling down time for lumber equilibration.

“Everybody has questions about drying and, while nobody has all the answers, there’s a good chance that somebody does have an answer for most questions,” says Dr. Mike Milota”.

This forum will be especially important for kiln personnel who are the only ones that understand drying at a mill and have no in-house expert to turn to.”

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Log onto kiln today and find the answers to your lumber drying questions