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SAMPLE 2-INDUSTRY EXPERT  JOINS KILN DRYING FORUM has had over 80,000 Views as people have sought answers to Lumber Drying Questions

You are invited to join a forum that is focused on all aspects of lumber drying, where you will meet Pierre Asselin, who has been added to our panel of esteemed industry experts that have weighed in on over 140 relevant topics.

Pierre, specializing in Wood Sciences technology for over 30 years, has provided kiln drying consultation and on-site training of mill personnel to start-up lumber producing operations. He focused on quality control strategies, concentrated on the development of appearance and value added products (flooring, decking, sideboard, etc) using the lesser known wood species such as Tamarack. Pierre spent time in Europe identifying and analyzing best vacuum drying technology processes for the Eastern Canadian lumber industry and in recent years has been involved with hardwood mills/flooring and appearance-category product manufacturers.

Forum Added Feature: A section dedicated to non-English speaking French Canadian mill personnel who can now read/join-in on discussions in their native language.

Log onto today and find the answers to your lumber drying questions.