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Taking that Extra Step Pays Off for this

New Freelancer

By Rebecca Matter

After 30 years as a freelance accountant, Linda Odubayo Thompson, 57, was ready for something new.

Linda, a New Yorker, was already used to the freelance life, so a regular 9 to 5 job was out of the question. A new career as a writer, in the personal finance niche, seemed like the perfect match for her experience and interests.

“I wanted to use the business knowledge that I amassed through 30 years to write informative materials for both consumers and businesses,” says Linda, an AWAI member since November 2011. “My past experience in researching difficult financial subjects will now serve me well when I have to do online research. And it’s a lot less number crunching.”

She’s worked through several AWAI programs in B2B before launching her freelance site in June 2012.

(You can find it here:– great branding, Linda!) She joined the Professional Writers’ Alliance in January 2012. From then on, she was looking for work.

Recently, she landed a major project. She’s writing a series of nine ebooks for Influence Online Marketing about credit reports and scores, identity theft, managing debt … all subjects right in the sweet spot of her niche.

She was originally hired to blog for them. But when she started her work was “enthusiastically received” and she was asked totake on the bigger project.

“They felt that there was so much junk out there on the Internet and no one place where people could come to get all the howto’s about these subjects,” says Linda. “What was originally supposed to be one e-book and turned out to be nine separate ones because the content being covered was so dense.”

Linda found Influence Online Marketing on, AWAI’s in-house job board. (We’re adding jobs in all sorts of freelance niches, from writing to graphic design to social media regularly –check it out.)

“In addition to submitting my profile, I decided to write to the person whose email was listed for the posting,” says Linda. “I added some additional information about myself that related directly to the job being posted. I found out later that it was this extra effort that sealed the deal because I took the time to write a personal email.”

Her new career – and the money it brings in – has proven invaluable. There are a lot of expenses associated with the immigration process for her husband. And it was starting to eat into her savings. With copywriting she’s helping defray those costs.

And she enjoys the other advantages of the writer’s life as well.

“I love the freedom to work the hours that fit my lifestyle and being able to get up and leave the computer when my creative juices are not flowing and go do something else like cook, read or just relax and do nothing at all,” says Linda.

Published: February 20, 2013

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Press Release
For Immediate Release

Linda Odubayo Thompson Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who
for Excellence in Business Copywriting

Linda Odubayo Thompson believes the modern day “business card” is your home page
and the rest of your website your virtual sales staff

OSSINING, NY, September 12, 2012, Linda Odubayo Thompson, a Certified Optimization Copywriter and Website Specialist for her sole proprietorship, Linda Odubayo Thompson, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in providing quality business copywriting services.

Ms. Odubayo Thompson became involved in her profession after spending more than 25 years as a self-employed accountant working with clients in the food industry, wholesale, professional services, advertising, and manufacturing. For her, the transition into business copywriting was an obvious choice because of her full understanding of how a business functions. She considers her writing to be “business conversational”, meaning that when she writes she pictures herself standing around the water cooler enjoying a cool drink while conversing with colleagues or a potential buyer.

The main goal of Ms. Odubayo Thompson’s work is to write effectively in order to promote a brand and publicize a company. Her expertise stems from her natural writing ability in addition to the certification she holds as a SEO Copywriting and Website Auditing Specialist. Her extensive education in business to business copywriting and internet marketing came from American Writers & Artists Inc. The above specialized certification was earned from Success Works by Heather Lloyd Martin, the pioneer of search engine optimization copywriting.

Believing that education is an ongoing process, she also continues to learn through newsletter subscriptions from master copywriters Bob Bly, Gordon Graham, Steve Slaunwhite, Nick Usborne, Ed Gandia as well as through her memberships with the Professional Writers’ Alliance and Wealthy Web Writer.

Just a few of the products Ms. Odubayo Thompson specializes in writing include white papers and other special reports, case studies, publicity/name branding and email campaigns. The most recent offer added to Ms. Odubayo Thompson’s repertoire is a complete website auditing service. Looking at so many websites on the internet, she found that the content was poorly written, there was no clear path for the visitor to follow when moving through the pages of the site and the website’s ranking was nonexistent. To perform a website audit, she uses a 35-point usability checklist to ensure that the website is user friendly and has improved search engine ranking. In addition, she uses a 5-point content checklist to analyze the word structure on website pages to make sure that all messages are getting through loud and clear.

While gaining additional clients and continuing to follow up with past customers, Ms. Odubayo Thompson is always eager to learn new ways of promoting her business and keeping up with technology. She understands the importance of remaining very concise and keeping to-the-point in an effort to tout the most important features and benefits of the products and businesses she promotes through her writing.

For more information about Linda Odubayo Thompson and to see her unique work, visit

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