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Product / Service Web Page: The Foundation of Your Digital Presence

When talking about Products/Services Pages, let’s be clear that what Goldilocks is exploring here is a Sales Page that resides within a complete Website.

Page Objectives

Educate and Inform

Explain features and benefits of the products/services you are selling with an emphasis on benefits. Show how your product or service is different from others on the market. This is known as your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP). Indicate how your product or service solves people’s problems and addresses their challenges or pain points.

For instance, will the purchase of your product or the implementation of your service:

  • Save money or time?
  • Eliminate a problem?
  • Is considered to be truly unique in the market?
  • Has a really bona-fide guarantee?

Provide answers to questions your visitor may be thinking about when reading your Products / Services Pages.

  • Does your company have what I need?
  • Are you experienced working with people like me?
  • Can your company solve the challenges that I have?

Show your prospective customer what they need to do next. Never leave them hanging with no path to follow. They have landed on your Product/Service Page and have read your info, hold them by the hand and indicate what you want them to do now.

This is known as a “Call-To-Action” and this strategy should be implemented on every blog entry, social media post, every Web Page you design and on any other piece of content which is part of your digital presence.

Goldilocks is amazed to see just how many Web Pages out there, though they may be engaging and really explain a great strategy, help people solve a particular problem, give great resources to check out etc. but fail to lead their readers toward perhaps reading more information on the given subject or which steps to take next after consuming the present content.

It is very difficult to get people to click through from an E-Mail or social media post to read your content, so while you have their attention, provide them with additional reading on the given subject, your other resources that may help them, offer them a FREE 15 minute consultation or at the very least present a sign-up box to receive your newsletter if you publish one.

You get the point!

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Implementing Product/Service Category Pages on Your Website

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