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All of your Articles/Blogs and Web Pages need to be coded in order to be seen by Google and the other search engines!


Let me introduce myself, my name is Linda Odubayo Thompson, A.K.A. Goldilocks.

Welcome to my office, won’t you please sit down and make yourself comfortable.

You don’t look very happy today!

Let’s see if Goldilocks can put the smile back on your face!

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Let me ask you a few questions and hopefully we can find a solution to your problems…

Do you currently have a Website?


Is it easy for your visitors to navigate around your site?

ANSWER: Yes, as far as I know

What about Website Analytics, do you have some software in place to track which visitors are coming to your site and can you tell how long are they sticking around to see what you offer?

ANSWER: Yes, we have this in force and it seems that people are just not finding any of our Web Pages or Articles, or at least not nearly as many as we thought there should be.

Do you have lots of good content for your readers to read about your industry and your products and services?


Is it possible that each of your Pages has not been coded with HTML Metatags, the signals that alerts Google and its buddies that you have some great stuff to share with the world?

ANSWER: Heck, I have no idea what you are talking about, this seems too complicated for my brain!

Let me pull up your site on my screen and take a look at some of your Pages…

Hmm, looks like your content is very helpful and engaging and this Goldilocks has a 7-Step Process that can properly SEO optimize all of your Web Pages.

Good Grief what does that mumbo jumbo mean, you say…

Okay, take a deep breath and let me explain

Those big words mean that once proper attention is given to each page on your site, people will know that you are out there because they have found you on the search engines based on Keywords that they have entered in the search boxes.

You are starting to look a little hopeful!

Let me briefly tell you about these 7 Steps…

STEP 1: Keyword Research

Finding the combination of words and phrases that people are most likely to enter in the search box in order to find your specific products or services.

STEP 2: Keyword Selection

Choosing a couple of words to feature in each of your Articles or Web Pages.

STEP 3: Write Persuasive or Informational Copy for a Given Page

Here’s where Goldilocks makes sure that each Page is engaging and features the Keywords selected in Step 2.

Correct placement of these words is essential.

STEP 4: Adding More Keywords to the Copy

Okay, so you want to feature more words or phrases and one or two more won’t hurt the plan.

STEP 5: Write Three Types of Metatags

  • Meta Title Tag, that which people see on the first line of a search result
  • Meta Keyword Tag, those words that are highlighted in your copy
  • Description Metatag, the blurb that people read below the URL in a search result that summarizes what they can expect on that given page.

STEP 6: Publish/Post the Page and Track Performance

STEP 7: Continuous Monitoring Page Performance and Tweak Copy when Necessary

Sounds like a lot of work, you say…

That’s why you should reach out to Goldilocks for help.

You look a little hesitant…

Would you like to see more information about all of these steps before you decide whether to contact Goldilocks for help?

No problem, here’s where you can find more detailed information…


On second thought, don’t want to waste any more time when help is right around the corner, so…

How do I contact you to get started with this project?

Fill out my CONTACT FORM.

Pick up the phone and call 914-944-1474

Okay, you would rather send an email…

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by…

Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business