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If you are a Business selling directly to customers (B2C) you should use Product Reviews and some will refer to them as Customer Success Stories to show potential buyers what other customers liked about your great widget.

Just look at the success of and you don’t need any other qualifying statement to support the need for this strategy.

Now, on the other hand, if you are a business selling directly to other businesses (B2B), Case Studies are implemented to influence potential buyers to sign on the dotted line.

And you ask, why is this so?

For instance, people with a purchasing authority in your company are bombarded with sales brochures, White Papers and the like from potential vendors.

So, to stand out clearly among the pack, provide Case Studies about your products and there is a greater chance that they will be read first by your potential buyers.

Does this sound more logical to you?

Isn’t that what your people would rather focus on instead of all that other stuff that they are sent from vendors?

Your company should be looking for more than hearing…

“Oh I like your product”

Instead consider what they really need to understand about your company and its products…

They want to learn about…

  • What problems faced your customers in the first place, and are they similar to my issues?
  • Where did they search for a solution, and have I looked in the same places?
  • Why did they choose your product over other possibilities?
  • Was there a specific feature or benefit that sealed the deal?
  • Was the product difficult and time consuming to implement?

Since time management is so important to companies today, a product that may be too complicated and time consuming may not be worth it in the end.

  • Was the performance of your company’s technical support and customer service departments helpful and easily available?

Let’s face it, your product could be a really great one but your customers are not going to be happy with inefficiency and having nobody accessible to handle a technical problem. No company can afford excessive down-time!

Tell me about ways that I can justify the expense of having a really good Case Study developed for my business

Crafting your Case Study in article format will lend the finished product to be used in many different components of your Marketing Campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look…

Key quotations pulled out from your Case Studies can be used whole or in part wherever Testimonials are needed on your Website and in other marketing collateral.

  • The most obvious place where they should reside are on your Products or Services Pages lending support to the benefits you are explaining about your offers.
  • Insert them into the Last pages of your White Papers where it is okay to speak about your product or service as having the benefits/attributes that you spoke about earlier in this report.
  • How about throwing a couple in some of your Blog entries to lend support to the information being presented in those posts?
  • Pull a really good quote out of your study and place it in an appropriate area of your site Home Page.
  • Don’t forget about the importance of your Social Media Channels.

For instance, positioning them on your business FaceBook Page, using them in discussions on LinkedIn and so forth.

FINALLY, Case Studies are a great “leave behind” for your sales staff when they visit a potential client/customer.  Also, if you have a booth in an industry trade show, make sure that you have plenty of them to handout to your visitors.

The bottom line is that you should consider placement of parts and pieces of your Case Studies whenever possible to make your potential buyers understand that they are making the right decision for both personal and company reasons alike. If both factors are satisfied then there is a much better chance that the deal will be sealed. The success that you will see on your balance sheet will convince the boys in the penthouse that every dollar you spent planning and preparing a Case Study will be worth the cost.

What to Expect if You Partner with Goldilocks

Her Case Studies are very conversational in nature and customers that she has interviewed in the past feel at ease and speak freely about the product or service they had purchased.

Here is a sample from my Online portfolio that illustrates this strategy


Tell me Goldilocks, what is your process for creating an engaging Case Study?

There is a 12-Step tried and true plan for developing and preparing a Case Study which she has used to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and the path remains smooth and time saving.

Have a look at this process in greater detail…

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