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Using the Wrong Language on Call-To-Action Buttons Can Kill Conversion Rates!

The exact wording you choose to use on your Call-To-Action buttons can have a huge effect on the conversion you are seeking.

  • Compare “Buy Now” with “Add to Cart.”

One is much more urgent than the other.  The latter allows your visitors to shop and when they are ready to complete their purchase, they will click “Buy Now.”

  • Look at the difference between “Try it for FREE” with “FREE Trial“? One is much punchier than the other.

The language you use on these buttons should be as straight-forward and simple as possible. You want your visitors to know with just a glance exactly what they’ll get when they click on a particular button. If they pause and question the language being used, your prospective buyers may choose not to complete their purchase, which can lead to lower conversion rates for that specific action.

Make your Calls-To-Action (CTAs) clear and unambiguous. Ask your prospects to complete the task that you want using action-oriented verbs:

“Start Your FREE Trial!”

“Request A Demo & Try It For FREE!”

“Download Your FREE White Paper Now!”

If you are offering a free E-Book to people who follow through with your CTA, then your button should say…

“Get Your FREE Automated Marketing E-Book NOW”

And not “Go,” “Submit” or “Subscribe.”

Amazing! Awesome! Kick-Ass!!! Good grief!

Resist the temptation to include bloated adjectives. Studies have shown that claims such as “amazing” are likely to make people think you are overselling, and trying too hard.

Don’t Forget Your Font Sizes

The text on your Call-To-Action button should be large and bold, properly suited to the size and color of the button itself. Make sure there’s sufficient contrast and that the text is easy to read.

Some Important Takeaways:

  • Use simple, direct language
  • Use a large, bold font on the button for the main text
  • Make sure the language clearly calls for a specific action

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