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“You can’t know where to go until you know where you are right now”

Ron Smith, Sales Manager | Wagner Meters, Rogue River, Oregon

Once upon a time, when Goldilocks started her Website Auditing Service, she looked for a quote that would sum up the main reason for doing a complete Website Usability Analysis, and remembered this phrase used by one of her clients and it really hits the nail on the head.

So whether you are…

-Building your Website from scratch and have no idea whether you are on the right track and need a road map to follow because you feel that you could get lost along the way…

Fear not…Goldilocks is here to help guide you through the process of creating a really user-friendly Website, one that will engage your readers now and for years to come.

-Editing an existing site that just needs to be tweaked a little here or there and will be looking for some useful tips and strategies  not considered up until now…

Can Goldilocks help me to zero in on which edits have priority or those that should be considered but can be put on the back burner?

ANSWER: Stick around and Goldilocks will give you some options for addressing these concerns.

-Or maybe your Website needs a major overhaul and you are seriously considering dumping your disastrous/nonfunctioning site into the virtual garbage pail!

Wait now! Don’t trash what you have built, it is possible that several parts and pieces may just need refreshing and yes, there will be areas where the best place for them is in your recycle bin.

Whichever bucket your site falls into doesn’t matter because just fixing little things on your Web Pages will always make a difference and that is better than doing nothing at all.

This is especially important for your returning visitors who come back to see you…

Are you going to let them read the same old stuff on your Web Pages which could indicate to them that you just can’t be bothered to keep your content fresh and up to date? 

These people came back to your site, so continue to give them a great experience while they are there.

So for those of you who already have a Website and it has probably several product categories and all sorts of Navigation to move people around and lots of content to help foster trust and credibility in your company and its products/services…

Are all of these components working together to give your visitors a great experience when they come to visit you?

Do you offer a guided path for them to follow so that they walk away with the information that they came to gather from you?

Not sure, huh…

You are thinking that maybe you are not attracting as many good customers as you thought you would, but you are not sure what to do about it!

As you can see each of your Websites fall into different buckets and need a different focused solution to really address your specific issues.

For this reason Goldilocks has consulted with her bear family gurus and as a result has come up with three different Bear Audit Solutions.

Baby Bear’s Audit, examines the 5 Core Pages of your Website which include…

Home, About Us, Contact Us, and 2 Product/Services Pages

Mama Bear’s Audit considers all of Baby Bear’s focus and adds both the “Thank You” for Contacting Us and for purchasing from your company.

Daddy Bear’s Audit Solution covers all areas in the spotlight of his family members (as noted above) and adds a thorough analysis of your Checkout Process. He is well aware that the latter Pages are the part of the Sales Funnel he knows is the most troublesome for companies like yours doing business Online and is the bulls’ eye where cart abandonment issues resides.

Do you want to see more details about these Audit Packages?


Simply follow this link

And get started towards making your Website a place where your customers will want to revisit because you can show them some new content and provide more information about your products and services that they never saw on your site before…

The end result is that you have given your customers a really welcome handshake each time that they visit you.

Good luck! Have fun working on your Website and if you have any questions or concerns, Goldilocks will be happy to help you however she can, just send her an …


Or pick up the phone: 914-944-1474

Goldilocks Wishes You Good Luck with Your Business