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Welcome to the relaunch of the Goldilocks Blog!

Hello! And welcome to the relaunch of the Goldilocks Blog!

“Did You Know?”

As a Website Usability Specialist and Marketing Consultant, Goldilocks will take you on a journey helping you to create a really user-friendly Website and she will show you how to market your way through the “Sales Cycle” from:

  • Lead Generation
  • Nurturing those Leads
  • Product/Service Promotion
  • Customer nurturing and retention with an emphasis on “Shopping Cart Abandonment.”

Visit any of the categories below to see information Goldilocks has to share with you!

When you are a member of the Exclusive Bear E-Mail Club “You can learn a different way!”

Short and easy way to consume lessons delivered via your inbox helps you to work your way through the “sales Funnel, which includes step-by-step instructions and downloadable PDFs to keep as a useful resource.

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