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What’s the Purpose of Your “About Us” Page?

What’s the Purpose of Your “About Us” Page?

Your About Us Page must engage your readers! You might say that it’s all about, “Getting to know you.  Getting to know all about you!” – Richard Rodgers

How you do this is obvious, wouldn’t you think?

It’s about:

  • Your company
  • Your history
  • Your product or service
  • Maybe some stuff about you personally

That’s it, right?  Not quite.

That shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead, ask yourself:

  • What information will your visitors need to know about you in order to build trust in your company?
  • What forms of credibility can you show your visitors to make them feel comfortable, doing business with you?
  • How much information is too much?

One lesson we’ve all learned from the social media revolution is that people like doing business with those they know. And that’s the power of building a good “About Us” page. You give your   visitors a look into who you are, who your company is, and you earn the trust they need to move forward and buy your “must have” gizmo.

The same questions you ask yourself when visiting a new site should give you some ideas about the content that you need to present to your readers to help them decide that you are a trusted and credible company to do business with!

Connecting to Your Prospects

In any conversation, saying who you are and what you do is basic to good manners. In business, it’s also very important to establish credibility and respect by explaining your company’s origins, how you view your business, and how you relate to your digital and off-line community.

The Web is much depersonalized, BUT, people like getting a sense of your company behind your Website. Having a good “About Us” section facilitates this goal. Clearly stating what you do helps visitors understand your site as a whole. Of course, your overall digital presence is what ultimately represents your business to your prospects.

People look at product pages and read your site’s content when they’re evaluating your company as a possible vendor, business partner, employer, investment, or (in the case of charities) donation recipient.

Communication isn’t restricted to you About Us page. But, dedicating an area to providing people with facts about your company and its history and values helps pull all of your site’s content together.

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